Through the license terms and conditions, the company grants non-exclusive rights to AUTHORIZED USERS for using the product/service offered by VynZ Research in any form and is applicable to all orders processed by VynZ Research and upon receipt of payment. The agreement is binding on the client’s use of products and services offered by the company upon acceptance of the delivery of the products created or owned by VynZ Research.

License Options

Single User License:

Under this license, VynZ Research grants one non-exclusive, non-transferable machine-readable license for the report either electronically or online. The right to store, display, stockpile or use the report is restricted to only one authorized computer. The license grants access of reports to only individuals sans their association or linkage with any organization. Any individual found violating the license terms would be held accountable under the applicable laws in India or in the jurisdiction of purchase. The products and services offered are the intellectual property of VynZ Research and are protected by applicable copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws of the country in which these are being used. Transmission of products to third party through any medium and/or sharing the product electronically or circulating printed copies to any foundation, institute, government agency, corporate, non-profit agency or to more than five authorized users is restricted.

Corporate License:

Under this license, VynZ Research grants global, non-exclusive, non-transferable machine-readable licenses for using the report either electronically or online, within the organization and/or its subsidiaries. The authorized users shall have complete right to store, display, transfer, and/or use the report only within the organization or its subsidiaries. Authorized users can take unlimited printed copies of the report for distribution among its employees. Transmission of the report to third party through any medium is restricted.


Fees: All fees ought to be paid as per the terms of installment specified within the application order. The company has the right to cancel the deal signed by both the party in case the total installment has not been gotten by VynZ Research within the mentioned time.

Taxes: All the payment made by the users to the company are exclusive of all goods and services, sales other taxes. All the previously mentioned installment payable in or to jurisdiction or authority at all should be your one and only obligation. This fees will avoid taxes exacted on the wage of VynZ Research.

Overdue Amounts: Over due amount will bear interest calculated from the date when due until the date that fee is gotten by VynZ Research. The customers will pay You should pay the interest at a rate of two percent (2%) per month compounded month to month. This should not surpass the maximum amount allowed by law.

Expenses: According to policy, of the company, the client is required to repay VynZ Research for the complete collection related costs incurred by VynZ Research which should incorporate all attorney's and service expenses emerging out of collections of overdue fees and taxes.

No Refunds: In case of partial use or no use of the product, VynZ Research will not refund the money in case it is demanded by the client. The market research reports the company compile are based on restrictive strategies and information. Consequently, the company will not acknowledge cancellation of orders after payment has been made. In any case, the company will surely introduce a refund policy in case of multiple payment within the occasion of which discount will be initiated as soon as possible. Besides, on the off chance that the clients have got issues with respect to the report’s quality, The VynZ Research will instantly address the situation. Further, VynZ Research has the right to initiate any other step that is necessary to rectify such non-compliance.

Promo Code

Promo Code must be connected subsequent to adding the answer to the cart. It can be connected once per cart. The cart can have at least one report.

All reports purchased using promo code are qualified for post-sale analyst hours support from VynZ's Research, with a specific end goal to enable them to extend their report proceeds. Be that as it may, the number of analyst hours support relies upon the caution of VynZ.

Moreover, in the event of any customization or alteration ask for, VynZ will help its customers in getting it settled by our in-house research group. Notwithstanding, the payment will not be repaid in any circumstance, keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from information break. It would be ideal if you check our return policy for further clarifications.


In VynZ Research Intellectual Property Rights are the only property which incorporates yet isn't restricted to the accompanying respectability rights: All copyrights, utility models, licenses, benefit marks, exchange marks, database rights, outline rights (regardless of whether enrolled or unregistered), exclusive data rights. You ought to recognize that you might not acquire any Scholarly

Property Rights connection to Product(s) or its (their) utilization with the exception of the permit conceded by VynZ Research to utilize the Product(s) as said from this time forward.

In connection to third party cases, you are obligated to reimburse VynZ subsequently any transgression of any Intellectual Property Rights said under the License terms. You recognize that VynZ Research (or its licensors) have the privilege to start any procedures caused because of any such infringement, or any kind of claim relating thereto. Additionally, you should to follow any such procedures recognizing that any recuperation in as per such procedures might collect exclusively for the advantage of VynZ Research.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Disclaimer: All Product(s) are given on an as seems to be, as available basis. VynZ Research adds express disclaimer to every one of the warranties including that of merchant ability and wellness for a specific reason. VynZ Research, its subsidiaries, and any officer, executive, representative, subcontractor, specialist, successor, or allot of VynZ Research or its associates makes no guarantee that the administration or substance in connection to item : will consent to a particular prerequisite will be continuous, convenient, secure, error free or virus-free and will contain accurate, reliable or complete results. The clients are exclusively in charge of the determination, reasonableness and the utilization of the Product(s) and recognize that, as expressed above, VynZ Research does not give any extra guarantees or ensures identifying with the Product(s).

No Liability: VynZ Research, its members, and any officer, executive, representative, subcontractor, operator, successor, or dole out of VynZ Research or its partners is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, considerable or model damages. The previously mentioned harms might moreover consist of be that as it may is not restricted to intangible; losses (even when applied in advance) other such damages for loss of profits, goodwill or data.

The over loss may moreover emerge in connection to : the utilize or the ineptitude to utilize any Product(s); the cost of acquirement of an alternative items and offerings ensuring from any products, information, realities or offerings obtained or received or messages obtained or exchanges entered into by utilizing the user.


The utilization of the product(s) must be in compliance with the terms laid down beneath the License term. In connection to the utilization of the product(s) the clients are denied to copy, change, adjust, publicize, unveil, or in any way portion with ownership of any data of VynZ Research which the customers have as a result of these License Terms. This compliance might eliminate data which: the customers will be able to prove and claimed by the company at the same date it was received or obtained.


Any take note, receipt or other record sent from one party to the other should be appropriately given in the event that sent to an authorized agent of the other party or person by taking after modes of delivery: This compliance should avoid data which: enlisted mail or dispatch conveyance to the beneficiary party’s vital put of commerce, copy, or email.

Term and Termination

General: The previously mentioned license or permit terms should be considered to be effective as of the date of acknowledgment of the company of an Order from the customer and should stay in constrain until the client ends the affiliation in understanding with the terms of License agreement. Regardless any term contained in this Section 8, VynZ Research may, in its sole caution, end any permit allowed to you here under without notice within the occasion of non-compliance by you with these License Terms, including, but not limited to the non-payment of any sums due and payable to VynZ Research.

Annual Memberships: Yearly Membership which clients makes might commence on the Effective Date appropriate to it and will be compelling for a twelve (12) months length (the Starting Term). From there on, every Yearly Membership might reestablish for successive twelve (12) month periods. Either party may cancel the Yearly Membership with earlier three (3) months. Moreover, the notice shall be communicated in writing to.


Entire Agreement: The complete understanding entered in by the parties relating to the licensing of the Product(s) dwell of these License Terms, in conjunction with any terms and conditions set forward in an arrange. This makes invalid and void all past understandings and agreements, whether verbal or composed, relating to such permitting. Within the occasion of any debate between these terms and conditions and any other order, these License Terms will have the upper hand and will be considered as final document.

Further changes, amendments or supplements to these License Terms shall be only effective unless each party signs it. The consents or approvals have to be done by the parties in a writing.

Assignment: The clients cannot assign or transfer the rights or obligations under these licenses Terms to the competition or any other party without the prior written consent of VynZ Research.

No Waiver: The clients are not allowed to ask ask for any waiver or changes of any terms or conditions mentioned under the License terms in case of failure of VynZ Research at any time to enforce any of the other aforementioned terms.

Severability: In case, any arrangement of these License Terms, or an Order, is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any court of law or regulatory body of competent purview, the invalidity of such arrangement might not in any way affect the other provisions of these License Terms, and all arrangements not so influenced by such invalidity should stay in impact. Assist, all the parties present within the agreement ought to be prepared to substitute for any invalid or unenforceable arrangement with a substantial or enforceable arrangement to the greatest degree the financial objectives of the unenforceable arrangement is anticipated to be achieved.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These Permit Terms might be administered by the laws of the Republic of India with respect to any standards of clashes of law. Any debate emerging in association with these Permit Terms (counting non-contractual debate) should be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the appropriate courts of the Republic of India.

Equitable Relief: The clients need to recognize that non-compliance of these Permit Terms may cause the company some serious damage for which recovery of cash harms may be inadequate. In that case, the users will have to agree that VynZ Research should be entitled, in addition to any other appropriate remedies accessible to it, to look for other equitable help to avoid or control any breach by the users or otherwise to secure its rights, without being required to post a bond or other security.