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Global Electric Wheelchair Market – Analysis and Forecast (2019-2024)

Industry Insights by Type (Front Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair, Center Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair, and Rear Wheel Drive Electric Wheelchair), by Application (Outdoor and Indoor)

Industry Overview

The global electric wheelchairs market is anticipated to exhibit significant growth during the forecast period as these chairs help to uplifting the lifestyle of larger number of population. Electric wheelchairs are also defined as power chairs as they do not require any human support for commuting from one place to another as they are backed with the battery in order to provide it energy. The electric wheelchairs are considered to be the most users’ friendly and expedient machine that make the person independent and can live a carefree life every day.

The target base for these chairs is usually the people who cannot use the manual wheelchairs and for those individuals who aspire to travel long distances as use of manual wheelchairs is extremely problematic for those individuals. According to a recent report, it has been observed that the wheelchairs that are used by the people are those which are suffering from cardiovascular diseases and also those people who met with an accident apart from the people with conventional problem of mobility.

Market Segmentation

Insight by Type

Based on type, the market is segmented into front wheel drive electric wheelchair, center wheel drive electric wheelchair, and rear wheel drive electric wheelchair. Center wheel drive electric wheel chair market is anticipated to hold the largest share, globally.

Insight by Application

Based on application, the market is categorized into the indoor and outdoor applications. Electric wheelchairs are especially designed for the on road or outdoor applications to assist patients to cover comparatively longer distances on their own. This leads to the faster demand for electric wheelchairs for outdoor applications.

Industry Dynamics

The rising need for mobility of products and services is driving the growth of the electric wheelchair market. Electric wheelchair demand is increasing globally as power mobility helps the people to move within their home and community in a flexible manner. The types of power mobility available are electric scooters and power wheelchairs. The users of electric wheelchairs are availed with an option to use either the electric scooter or an electric wheelchair depending upon the abilities and requirements of the consumer. Thus, the use of electric wheelchairs can be extremely beneficial for streamlining day to day operations of a person.

The electric wheelchairs can be customized as per the requirement of the user and helps in providing better seating availability to the user of wheelchair. The electric wheelchairs also provide positioning devices that helps in controlling trunk and provides solidity to these chairs. The customization option that is available with the electric wheelchair involves seat and back cushions along with numerous locating attributes. It also provides the user with an option of reclining, electric tilt which is the most crucial benefits provided to the people that have less capability to relocate themselves in the wheelchair.

An electric wheelchair provides the people with an opportunity to be mobile within their home or community without performing a lot of muscle work and energy. Moreover, this is helping the people to conserve their energy for other activities that are important to them. The use of tires and improved quality of wheels in electric wheelchairs is creating opportunities for this market. The electric wheelchairs serve the benefit to the people who enjoy travelling to travel in the terrain lands through the varieties of tire types and wheel positioning.

The high cost involved in the purchase of electric wheelchair is the major restraint observed in the growth of global electric wheelchair market.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, North America is expected to become largest market in the electric wheelchair market due to increasing technological upgradation in this market. The new products offered in the countries such as U.S. are particularly burdened with numerous gadgets that help in providing increasing convenience and control procedures to the users. According to a recent study, it has been observed that the government of U.S. is providing medical insurance to the people over the age group of 65 years that helps them in measuring the different medical facilities at supported charges.

The increasing expenditure capability, increasing population of elderly people and growing consumer awareness regarding this chair is expected to further drive the demand for electric wheelchair in this region. The electric wheelchair market is expected to witness fastest growth in Asia-Pacific owing to increasing consciousness among the consumers and enhancement in the medical equipment in the region.

Competitive Insight

Some of the key players operating in the electric wheelchair market include OttoBock Healthcare GmbH, Invacare Corp., Pride Mobility Products Corp., Permobil AB, Sunrise Medical Limited, Hoveround Corporation, LEVO AG, Invacare Corp., MEYRA GmbH, Medical Depot, Inc., and GF HEALTH PRODUCTS, INC.

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