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Global Surgical Gowns and Drapes Market – Analysis and Forecast (2018-2024)

Industry Insights by Type (Surgical Drapes and Surgical Gowns), by Usage Pattern (Disposable Drapes and Gowns, and Reusable Drapes and Gowns), by End-User (Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgical Centers and Others)

Industry Overview

Gowns and drapes are used to provide protection against saline, blood, urine, bodily fluids and other chemicals during the surgery. The global surgical gowns and drapes market is growing at significant rate due to escalating number of surgeries. The market has witnessed high demand for surgical drapes over the last few years, due to the mounting implementation of surgical drapes to inhibit patients and surgeons from surgical spot infection.

Surgical Gowns and Drapes Market Highlights

Market Segmentation

Insight by Type

On the basis of type, the surgical gowns and drapes market is subdivided into surgical drapes and surgical gowns. The surgical drapes hold the larger share and is also expected to grow at the faster CAGR during the forecast period, due to mounting acceptance of surgical drapes, to prevent surgeons and patients from surgical site infections, escalating number of surgeries due to mounting occurrence of chronic diseases and increasing adoption of drapes in hospitals and ambulatory surgical center.

Insight by Usage Pattern

The global surgical gowns and drapes market has also been subdivided by usage pattern into disposable gowns and drapes and reusable gowns and drapes. The disposable drapes and gowns segment is estimated to grow at the fastest rate due to stringent regulations suggesting the usage of disposable products; huge sanction of disposable drapes and gowns in developed countries; and the disposables limit infections during surgical procedures. Moreover, benefits of disposable above reusable drapes such as steady quality, utmost satisfactory barrier protection and reliability are some of the factors driving the reusable drapes market.

Insight by End-User

The different end users in the market are hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and others. The hospital account for the largest sale of surgical gowns and drapes and is expected to exhibit the fastest growth in the surgical gowns and drapes market due to expanding number of hospitals, mounting occurrence of chronic diseases, refining healthcare infrastructure, and bulk of drapes and gowns are used in hospitals.

Industry Dynamics

Growth Drivers

The escalating number of surgeries, mounting occurrence of chronic diseases, increasing frequency of hospital acquired infection, and mounting healthcare expenditure are the primary growth drivers for surgical gowns and drapes market. For instance, according to American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2015 approximately 15.9 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the U.S., a two percent increase over 2014. Healthcare expenditure has witnessed high growth globally which has led to increase in adoption of these products in hospitals and clinics.

Mounting awareness about the use of drapes and gowns and boosting demand for improved infection control are also fueling the growth of the surgical gowns and drapes market. For instance, according to World Health Organization (WHO), out of every 100 hospitalized patients, 7 in developed and 10 in developing countries would acquire at least one healthcare-associated infection.


The reuse of drapes and gowns in developing countries, and stringent regulations on the quality are the major challenges for the growth of surgical gowns and drapes market. In developing countries, the alertness of hospital acquired infection is less owing to inadequate data and low quality. Moreover, healthcare associated infections are more common in source limited settings.

Industry Ecosystem

The wide range of gowns and drapes are supplied with, at varying prices. The key challenge for the new entrants is the survival in and regulated surgical gowns and drapes market. Moreover, continuous innovation by surgical gown manufacturers is expected to boost the revenue of the market.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, North America is the largest surgical gowns and drapes market as the region is home to large number of industry players. Some of the other factors leading to the growth of the North American surgical gowns and drapes market are mounting healthcare expenditure, escalating strict regulations for healthcare professionals and patient’s protection, escalating number of surgical procedures and boosting usage of single use drapes and gowns.

Asia-Pacific is observed to witness the fastest growth in the market. As the region comprises of largest population and the alertness for surgical gowns and drapes is increasing rapidly among them. In addition, mounting healthcare expenditure, evolving healthcare infrastructure, escalating number of surgeries, boosting occurrence of chronic diseases, and growing medical tourism are also creating a positive impact on the surgical gowns and drapes industry growth in the region.   

Competitive Insight

Key players in the surgical gowns and drapes industry are investing in the development of innovative and advance products, which is strengthening their position in the market. In October 2016, Cardinal Health expanded its presence in Hong Kong by bring its powder-free gloves product line to Hong Kong and penetrating the disposable drapes and gowns segment as part of its expansion in Asia. Cardinal Health, Halyard Health, 3M, Mölnlycke Health Care, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Steris Corporation, Paul Hartmann, Priontex, Guardian, and Medica Europe Bv are some of the key players offering these products.

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