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Global Frequency Synthesizer Market – Analysis and Forecast (2018-2024)

Industry Insights by Component (Loop Filters, Dividers, Phase Detectors, Mixers and Oscillators), by Type (Digital and Analog), by Application (Telecommunications, Research & Measurement, Aerospace & Military and Others)

Industry Overview

A frequency synthesizer helps in generating several frequencies from a single reference frequency and is extensively being utilized by various device such as devices such as televisions, radio receivers, radiotelephones, mobile telephones, GPS systems, CB radios and walkie-talkies. Moreover, increasing utilization of mobile phones, increasing demand for frequency synthesizer system from aerospace industry are the key factors pertaining towards the growth of frequency synthesizer market globally.

Frequency Synthesizer Market Highlights

Market Segmentation

Insight by Component

On the basis of component, the frequency synthesizer market is segmented into loop filters, dividers, phase detectors, mixers and oscillators. Among these segments, mixers is anticipated to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period as this system is extensively being utilized in both direct and indirect analogue frequency synthesizers. In direct analogue mixers are used to produce architecture for frequency synthesizer where as in indirect analogue these systems are used to offset and enables frequency to be directed into the loop.

Insight by Type

The frequency synthesizer market on the basis of type is categorized into digital and analog. Among these two segments analog frequency accounts larger revenue in frequency synthesizer market globally. The growth of this segment is attributed towards its increasing adoption from various users across the globe. Analog transmits continuous signal that helps in completing spectral data and comprises of an infinite bandwidth.

Furthermore, it has been observed that analog frequency continuously filters frequency content in order to provide accurate and effective data to the users. Analog frequency is considered to be cost effective alternative, easy to handle and beyond roll off frequencies as a result these factors are driving the growth of this segment and further bolstering the growth of frequency synthesizer market across the globe.

Insight by Application

Based upon application, the frequency synthesizer market is segmented into telecommunications, research & measurement, aerospace & military and others. Among these segments it is expected that frequency synthesizer system is observing largest applicability in telecommunications domain. The increasing demand from present day communications systems and exotic modulation formats are thus emphasizing extensive demand for frequency synthesizer across the globe. The demand for high quality of voice and rapid availability of information from the users are the key factors driving the growth of frequency synthesizer worldwide.

The implementation of frequency synthesizers by several companies has upgraded existing digital technology in order to meet the ever changing requirements of modern communications. This necessity includes level of stability, noise and resolution across the globe in this domain. Furthermore, this segment is thereby strengthening the growth of frequency synthesizer market at rapid pace across the globe.

Industry Dynamics

Growth Drivers

The factor that drives the frequency synthesizer market includes its increasing application in various industries such as aerospace and defense and telecommunication domains. Furthermore, the extensive adoption of mobile phones in various developed and developing economies is another major factor that enhances the demand of frequency synthesizer market exponentially across the globe.

Furthermore, the upcoming technology like the 5G network is anticipated to give a great push to the growth rate of frequency synthesizers. Since, with the launch of this network there will be a growth in the demand of telecommunication devices which will ultimately lead to an increase in the growth of frequency synthesizer market. RF capable CIS and Chips also help in the widespread adoption of frequency synthesizer in telecommunication domain.


High cost of modular frequency synthesizers is the major factor that is hampering the growth of frequency synthesizer market across the globe. Furthermore, another challenge pertaining to frequency synthesizer market is to improve the quality of the product features.

Industry Ecosystem

Globally industry players of frequency synthesizer market are investing in development improvised quality offerings and clear frequency ranges to the users. Moreover, developing improved techniques for frequency synthesis in order to improve performance and widen market growth is the another area where the vendors are emphasizing their efforts that is further expected to enhance growth of frequency synthesizer market globally.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, frequency synthesizer market in North America is expected to generate largest revenue during the forecasted period. The presence of large number of key manufacturers in this region is the key reason behind the market growth of frequency synthesizer market. Apart from this, in recent past it has been observed that frequency synthesizer vendors from North America have made major investments in telecommunication, military and aerospace and research application sectors, that is further contributing towards the growth of frequency synthesizer market in this region.

Moreover, frequency synthesizer market in Asia-Pacific is expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period due to the increase in demand for digital cable television equipment in this region. Further, introduction of 5G networks and other development in the telecommunication sector makes Asia-Pacific drive the growth of frequency synthesizer market. Moreover, increasing mobile penetration and decreasing cost of data is expected to further enhance the growth of frequency synthesizer market in this region. 

Competitive Insight

Key players in frequency synthesizer market are driving their resources towards improvement in the quality of frequency synthesizer and developing latest technologies to enhance the competition benchmark in the market.  These players are collaborating with institutes for advisory over new technology to improvise efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, the synergy microwave corp. has collaborated with scientists of IIT, Delhi for the advisory.

The key players in the frequency synthesizer market includes – National Instruments, Qorvo, Inc., FEI-Elcom Tech Inc., Sivers IMA AB, Programmed Test Sources Inc., Ultra Electronics, Texas Instruments Inc., Analog Devices Inc., Synergy Microwave Corp., Mercury United Electronics Inc. and Others.

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