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Global Inductor Market – Analysis and Forecast (2025-2030)

Industry Insights By Component Type (Film Type, Multilayered, Wire Wound and Molded), By Core (Air/Ceramic Core, Ferrite Core, and Other Cores), By Shield Type (Shielded and Un-shielded), By Mounting (Surface Mount Technology and Through Hole Technology), By End-User (Automotive, Industrial, RF & Telecommunication, Military & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Transmission & Distribution and Healthcare) and By Geography (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World)

Industry Overview

The Global Inductor Market is anticipated to grow from USD 9.8 billion in 2023 to USD 14.5 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period from 2025 to 2030.

Inductor Market

Inductor refers to the electronic component that helps passively in conserving energy, typically in the form of magnetic field. These inductors come with different power capacities, which is usually measured in terms of inductance, and has a wide range of applications across different industry verticals such as power, military, defense, telecommunication, RF, consumer electronics, automotive and more. The global inductor market is growing significantly due to higher applicability, sophisticated design, higher adoption, and the growing demand for different wireless devices for boosting telecommunications and RF signals. Rising innovation is accelerating the pace of growth of the market as well as due to rapid tech developments and growing adoption of organic and inorganic growth policies by market players.

Market Segmentation

Insight by Core Type

The global inductor market is divided by its core type into aur core, ferrite or ferromagnetic core, and iron core categories. Out of these segments, the ferrite core segment is expected to grow more during the forecast period due to higher usage in electronic devices as well as different systems such as power supplies, transformers, filters, and RF circuits. It is also attributed to their higher efficiency in handling high currents, maintaining stability in performance level, wider temperature tolerance range, and higher applicability in electronics, automotive, telecommunications, and power distribution sectors. The air core segment will also grow within the same period due to higher adoption and applicability across different industry verticals such as aerospace, telecommunications, and audio equipment production, and development in material and production techniques to enhance reliability and performance level.

Insight by Inductance

The global inductor market is divided by inductance in to fixed inductors and variable inductors segments. Out of these two segments, the fixed inductor segment is expected to grow at a higher CAGR during the projected period due to sue to higher reliability, stability in performance level according to the preset value, and ability to function under different conditions. Moreover, the compact design allows using these inductors in limited spaces. The durability and suitability of critical applications such as in telecommunications, automotive, and electronics sectors. The variable inductors segment will also grow in the forecast period due to higher adaptability, flexibility, adjustability of inductance values to improve frequency response, circuit performance, and resistivity matching in specific applications such as processing of analog signals, RF tuning, and more.

Insight by Type

The global inductor market is divided by type into film type, multilayered, wire wound, and molded categories. Out of these segments, the film-type segment will grow more than the others in the forecast period due to higher reliability, and stability in performance in a broader frequency spectrum. It is also attributed to their high operational efficiency and performance level in spite of a compact size which has propelled their demand across several industries including contemporary electronic systems where reliability and performance are crucial. The multilayered inductors will also grow in the same period due to high performance and compact size resulting in a widespread use of these inductors in modern electronics and 5G technology.

Insight by Shield Type

The global inductor market is segmented by shield type into shielded and unshielded segments, where the former segment is expected to grow more during the preset period due to several advantages offered over the latter such as lower electromagnetic radiation, higher resistance to external interference, and higher noise suppression, especially required in telecommunications, medical, and automotive electronics sectors. However, the unshielded inductors segment will also grow during the projected period due to small size, simple construction, and low cost. These inductors are widely used in areas where EMI control is not the primary requirement such as in circuits for power supply, fundamental analog implementations and signal filtering of lower frequency due to their greater susceptibility to noise interference and EMI.

Insight by Mounting Technique

According to the mounting type the global inductor market is split into surface mounting and through-hole mounting categories. Out of these two segments, the former is expected to grow more during the forecast period due to their efficiency in high-volume production process and assembly, lower production costs, compact and light design. On the other hand, the through-hole inductors segment will also grow during the same timeframe due to higher mechanical stability, lower susceptibility to vibration and mechanical stress, higher reliability even in hard settings across different applications such as aerospace, automotive, and a wide range of industrial equipment.

Insight by Type End User

The different types of end users also categorize the global inductor market in to automotive, industrial, rf & telecommunication, military & defense, consumer electronics, transmission & distribution, and healthcare segment. Out of all these segments, the consumer electronics end user segment will grow more during the forecast period due to the growing demand for consumer electronics products such as laptops. The automotive end user segment will also grow in the same period due to rise in demand for electric vehicles, higher integration of innovative electronics in automobiles such as powertrain systems, lighting systems, and infotainment systems due to their higher ability of storing energy in a magnetic field and releasing them as and when required.

Global Inductor Market Report Coverage

Report Metric


Historical Period

2018 - 2023

Base Year Considered


Forecast Period

2025 - 2030

Market Size in 2023

U.S.D.  9.8 Billion

Revenue Forecast in 2030

U.S.D.  14.5 Billion

Growth Rate


Segments Covered in the Report

By Type, By Core, By Shield Type, By Mounting, and By End-User

Report Scope

Market Trends, Drivers, and Restraints; Revenue Estimation and Forecast; Segmentation Analysis; Impact of COVID-19; Companies’ Strategic Developments; Market Share Analysis of Key Players; Company Profiling

Regions Covered in the Report

North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World

Industry Dynamics

Industry Trends

The consumer electronics sector is undergoing significant transformation due to rapid development and innovations, impacting the inductor market. The compact design of the without any compromise with the electrical capacity is another notable trend within the industry. In addition, there is a rising awareness about the inductors that has encouraged corporates and governments to promote electrification. The widespread use of power inductors of higher frequency in the automotive industry to lower risks of failures and enhance reliability is also a significant trend noticed just as automation in both automotive, aerospace and other industries for a wide range of tasks. 

Growth Drivers

The global inductor market is mainly growing due to its advanced design and efficiency that enhances its applicability manifolds. It is also attributed to the growing demand for wireless devices among consumers which needs such inductors to facilitate RF signal output and telecommunication. Rapid innovation and tech development in this filed is also a significant growth factor for the market. Another significant growth factor is that the market players are implementing organic and inorganic strategies to ensure growth. This includes every aspect from product launches to market expansions, collaborations, partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.


The varying prices of raw materials, inflation and rising interest rates affecting consumer spending, complexity in design due to miniaturization, maintaining DC resistance level, dimensional tolerance and reliability are significant hindrances to the growth of the global inductor market. Strict safety and other regulations along with availability of product substitutes also hider the market growth.


The rise in demand for electric vehicles and their production needing such inductors offer new growth opportunities for the global inductor market. Technological advancements, design innovations, and increase in efficiency and applications also presents growth opportunities to the market.

Geographics Overview

North America leads the market due to higher demand for electric vehicles, consumer electronic products, and telecommunications and growing industrial applications, while the South & Central American market will grow due to widespread use if consumer electronics.

The Canadian market will grow due to tech progress, favorable industrial landscape, supportive regulatory environment, growth in telecommunication and 5G infrastructure.

The Asia-Pacific market will contribute the largest revenue due to rise in demand for automotive and consumer electronics products, existence of several major players, growing preference for more efficient wireless communication and smartphones.

The European market will grow due to growing demand in automotive sector, while the Middle East & African market will grow due to rapid urbanization, industrialization, and tech development.

Key Players Covered in the Report

Key players in the Inductor Market are SUMIDA CORPORATION, TDK Corporation, TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD., AVX Corporation, Pulse Electronics Corporation, Coilcraft, Inc., Delta Electronics, Inc., Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, ICE Components, Inc.

Recent Development by Key Players

Abracon (a provider of RF and Antenna solutions) has introduced its new "ATL-series" Trans-Inductor Voltage Regulator (TLVR) Inductors with the potential to transform the landscape of power delivery with reliability and high performance. The company is investing in its product portfolio expansion to address the requirements of complex systems and work closely with customers to change the landscape of power supply design.

TDK Corporation has launched its newest addition to the inductor lineup, the KLZ2012-A series. These multilayer inductors are specifically designed for automotive audio bus (A2B) applications. The KLZ2012-A series is well-suited for high-temperature automotive environments with a wide operation range, the KLZ2012-A series is well-suited for high-temperature automotive environments, exceptional durability, and superior inductance tolerance.

The global Inductor Market report offers a comprehensive market segmentation analysis along with an estimation for the forecast period 2025–2030.

Segments Covered in the Report

  • By Type
    • Film Type
    • Multi-Layered
    • Wire Wound
    • Molded
  • By Core
    • Air/Ceramic Core
    • Ferrite Core
    • Other Cores
  • By Shield
    • Shielded
    • Unshielded
  • By Mounting
    • Surface Mount Technology
    • Through hole technology
  • By End-User
    • Aerospace and Defense
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Information and Communication
    • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • Automotive

Region Covered in the Report

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • U.K.
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Russia
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC)
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
  • Rest of the World
    • Brazil
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    •  U.A.E
    • Other Countries

Inductor Market Size

Source: VynZ Research

Inductor Market Analysis

Source: VynZ Research

Frequently Asked Questions

The market is anticipated to grow from USD 9.8 billion in 2023 to USD 14.5 billion in 2030 at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period from 2025 to 2030.
An inductor is a passive electronic component used to store energy in the form of a magnetic field. Its power is measured in inductance. Inductors resist changes in the amount of current passing through them.
The types of inductors include Film Type, Multilayered, Wire Wound, and Molded inductors.
Growth drivers include increasing application of passive electronic components, demand for wireless devices, and advancements in electronics. Restraints include growing interest rates, inflation, and dependency on metals for production.

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