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Global Structured Cabling Market – Analysis and Forecast (2018-2024)

Industry Insights by Product (Fiber Optic Cables and Copper Cables), by Application (Data center and LAN), by Industry (Industrial, Residential & Commercial, Government, IT & Telecommunications and Others

Industry Overview

Structured cabling is building or campus cabling infrastructure that consists of number of specialized smaller elements called subsystems. This infrastructure provides the transmission of data in the form of voice, video or text from one point to another through a communication network.

Structured Cabling Market Highlights

It has been observed that the number of internet users is increasing massively and use of structured cabling infrastructure allows the users to transmit data at a faster speed. This has led to an increase in the volume of data collection by the organizations. Increasing stress on cost and time management, need for automation of businesses and increasing competition among key players in this market are driving the structured cabling market across the globe.

Market Segmentation

Insight by Product

Based on product, the structured cabling market is categorized into fiber optic cables and copper cables. Among these two segments, fiber optic cable is anticipated to witness the faster growth during the forecast period since these cables enables the organizations in transmitting communication signals at faster pace, higher bandwidth and at large distances. Moreover, these cables induce low transmission loss and promotes fast and effective functioning of business operations.

Insight by Application

The structured cabling has applications in data center and LAN. Among these segments, data center is expected to witness the faster growth during the forecast period due to increasing acceptance for IT infrastructure in various emerging and emerged economies. Data centers are the key system utilized by business organizations since it enables them to conduct efficient business operations. Moreover, the demand from large enterprises in order to generate fast and reliable access to given information to the customers is increasing the demand for data centers.

Insight by Industry

On the basis of industry, the structured cabling market is segmented into industrial, residential & commercial, government, IT & telecommunications and others. Among all these segments, IT & telecommunications domain is generating largest revenue throughout in the market. In the present scenario, communication is the key to success for every company as a result the incorporation of a communication technology that requires constant connection is important. This requirement is thereby driving the requirement of these systems in IT & telecommunications domain

Industry Dynamics

Industry Trend

The structured cabling market has increased considerably due to the need of smooth and fast network communication infrastructure. Almost all the companies from small and medium scale enterprises to large-scale enterprises have already upgraded to structured cabling infrastructure. The increasing demand for structured cabling from large-scale enterprises is the key trend observed in the market. The large-scale sector involves IT sector, project management and financial institutions that comprises of highly automated infrastructure as a result the demand for structured cabling is rampant in these departments.

Growth Drivers

The extensive demand for high-speed communication networks among the users, the emphasis on the cost and time management among business enterprises and excessive stress of competition are the key factors driving the growth of the structured cabling market. It has been observed that the technology is enabling the enterprises to take quick, efficient and effective decisions. This tends to the need of a good quality of cabling infrastructure and thus increases in the demand of these cabling systems.

Furthermore, business enterprises are required to take efficient and effective decisions in a swift in order to stand out in the competition. This makes it necessary to have high-speed communication within the organization and structured cabling infrastructure makes this possible. Furthermore, amplified demand for fiber optic cables is another factor pertaining towards the growth of the structured cabling market.


Structured cabling industry is required to monitor transmission and distribution losses, as there is almost 40% loss of electricity in T&D. This amount of loss makes the source unfeasible that increases research and development activity that further increases costs of the company. Additionally, high initial cost is the major factor that is hampering the growth of the structured cabling market.

Industry Ecosystem

Globally industry players of structured cabling market are leveraging market growth through the development of innovative solutions. These systems are providing various solutions to the customers that will make the installation of the system easy and less time taking. The vendors are enhancing research and development activities in order to decline the costs of the system along with being more efficient and effective since high speed networks and smooth working is the priority for various users of structured cabling systems.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, North America dominates the structured cabling market in terms of revenue and will continue to do the same till 2024. The North American market growth is attributed towards the automation of all the business organizations. This factor of upgrading the infrastructure to fully automated system is a crucial reason for the bolstering demand of this system. Moreover, enterprises are seeking for alternative that offers fast and smooth communication networks in their business process and structured cabling system enables the companies to achieve this objective.

Moreover, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to witness fastest growth during the forecast period specifically in countries such as China and Japan. The growth of structured cabling market in this region is accounted towards adaptation of digital services at an extensive rate and adaptation of structured cabling in the IT domain of this region.

Competitive Insight

Key players in the structured cabling industry are investing in improving the quality of material and developing latest technologies that is strengthening their position in the structured cabling market. The key players operating in the global structured cabling market include Nexans S.A., CommScope, Inc., Panduit Corp., Siemon, Teknon Corporation, Schneider Electric SE, Legrand, Belden, Inc., ABB Ltd., Panduit Corp. and Corning, Inc.

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