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Global Protein Expression Market – Analysis and Forecast (2019-2024)

Industry Insights by Product & Services (Expression Vectors, Competent Cells, Reagents, Instruments, Services), by Systems (Prokaryotic Expression Systems, Yeast Expression Systems, Mammalian Cell Expression Systems, Algal-Based Expression Systems Insect Cell Expression Systems, Cell-Free Expression Systems), by Application (Therapeutics, Research, Industrial), by End-User (Academic Research Institutes, Contract Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Companies, Others)

Industry Overview

Protein expression is the process of synthesizing, regulating, and modifying proteins within a living organism. The global protein expression market was evaluated at USD 1,873.1 million in 2018. The protocol for expression of proteins makes use of expression vectors, competent cells, reagents, instrument, and services. The reagents are the estimated to hold the largest share due to large volume used in the bio-experiments. The significant growth in the protein expression industry is primarily due to the increasing funds from government and non-government organization for protein research, the soaring prevalence of chronic diseases, rising life science industry.

Protein Expression Market Highlights

Market Segmentation

Insight by Product & Services

Different types of products and services offered by the market players are expression vectors, competent cells, reagents, instruments and services. Reagents held the largest share of more than 50% in the market in 2018, globally. The increasing number of research and development activities in lifesciences industry is the key factor leading to the growth in the protein expression reagents market during the forecast period.

Insight by Systems

Among the various systems being used in the market, the prokaryotic expression system is the largest contributor in the protein expression market , globally. This category includes escherichia coli systems, and other prokaryotic expression systems. The largest share of prokaryotic expression system is due to the cost effectiveness, as it is less expensive over other available categories; and the wide usage of E.coli systems in industries. Other types of systems used in the market include yeast systems, mammalian cell, insect cell, cell-free systems, and algal-based systems.

Insight by Application

Based on application, the market is categorized into therapeutics, research, and industries. The increasing number of chronic diseases on a global level led to the application of protein expression majorly in finding therapy for chronic diseases. Also, the increasing number of lifescience and bio-pharmaceutical industries also adds to the largest contribution of therapeutics category to the protein expression market. Other key application include research purposes and commercial productions of proteins in industries.

Insight by End User

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are the largest end user in the protein expression market. The category’s largest contribution is due to the large production of recombinant proteins for therapeutics, and the growing advancement in technology with respect to protein research. Further, other end users to the protein expression market includes academic research institutes, contract research organizations (CROs), others industries such as food processing, brewery, leather, paper, chemical and cosmetic industries. The CROs are projected to witness high demand and register fastest CAGR of 13.7% during the forecast period.

Industry Dynamics

Growth Drivers

The increasing investment from government and non-government organization with respect to protein research and the growing life science industry are the primary factors driving the growth of the protein expression industry. The increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases that requires therapeutic approach will also spur the growth of the market.

The profiling of protein expression using of microfluidic technology is being adopted by several research organizations. For instance, a study supported by the Cancer Research UK (CRUK), on the Multiplexed single cell analysis in solid tumors using a miniaturized microfluidic assay. This growing adoption of microfluidic devices in profiling protein will provide manufacturers to advance and explore the opportunities that the technology holds.


The market observes major challenge in maintaining aseptic conditions required to run the experiment, and also in addressing the complexities associated to the purification of the proteins. Moreover, the products and services offered by manufacturers are costly, that will restrain the growth of the global protein expression market.

Industry Ecosystem

The number of suppliers in the protein expression market is medium, since the products utilized in protein profiling and expression needs to follow stringent government regulations. Further, the threat of forward integration is low leading to a low bargaining power of suppliers in the market. Presence of a large number of buyers in the market offers manufacturers revenue growth opportunities in the market.

Geographic Overview

Geographically, North America is the largest market for protein expression products and services, globally. The largest contribution of the region is due to the adaptation of technologically advanced products, and the increasing government and non-government funds for protein research. The North American protein expression market is also driven by the surge in the prevalence of chronic diseases, and the growing number of life science and bio-pharmaceutical industries in the region.


Protein Expression Market Share

Moreover, the protein expression industry is expected to be driven by emerging economies of Asia-Pacific, such as China, and India. This leads to the fastest growth in Asia-Pacific at a CAGR of 14.1% during the forecast period. The growth in the region is also supported by the increasing investment in the lifescience industry and the increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases in the region.

Competitive Insight

The major player in the global protein expression market includes New England Biolabs, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., QIAGEN N.V., Takara Bio Inc., Lonza Group Ltd., Merck KGaA, Promega Corporation, Genscript Biotech Corporation, Agilent Technologies Inc., and Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. 

The market players are launching new and technologically advanced products and services to maintain their competency and market share. For instance, in March 2018, Aragen Bioscience, Inc. announced the expansion of its RapTr cell line development services to be included in CHO-GS cell lines. The addition of suite protein expression and analytical services will provide flexibility in the development of cell lines and generation of high quality proteins.

Protein Expression Market Size

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